Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada (WPEF-C)

The WPEF-C is devoted to the conservation and stewardship of whitebark and limber pine ecosystems through partnerships, science-based active management, restoration, research, and education.



Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada
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Recent Whitebark News – Groundbreaking New Genetic Research

Breakthrough Genetic Research could have Implications for Whitebark Pine Conservation!

Development of nuclear microsatellite loci for Pinus albicaulis Engelm. (Pinaceae), a conifer of conservation concern

Marian V. Lea, John Syring, Tara Jennings, Richard Cronn, Leo P. Bruederle, Jennifer Ramp Neale, Diana F. Tomback


Are Survivors Different? Genetic-Based Selection of Trees by Mountain Pine Beetle During a Climate Change-Driven Outbreak in a High-Elevation Pine Forest

Diana L. Six, Clare Vergobbi, Mitchell Cutter



Keep up with the latest news and scientific publications Here

Whitebark Pine Prevalence and Ecological Function in Treeline Communities of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, U.S.A.: Potential Disruption by White Pine Blister Rust

Aaron C. Wagner, Diana F. Tomback, Lynn M. Resler, Elizabeth R. Pansing


Ecological effects and effectiveness of silvicultural restoration treatments in whitebark pine forests

Colin T.MaherCara R.Nelson, Andrew J.Larson, AnnaSala


Missing, delayed, and old: The status of ESA recovery plans

Jacob W. Malcom & Ya-Wei Li



Photo Credit: Libby Pansing