Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada (WPEF-C)

The WPEF-C is devoted to the conservation and stewardship of whitebark and limber pine ecosystems through partnerships, science-based active management, restoration, research, and education.



Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada
606 Nelson Street
Kimberley, BC  V1A 2M6

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We Need Your Support

We depend on our membership base for much of our operating budget, but as a grassroots organization, we need additional help for special projects and outreach.

The primary mission of the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada is to promote and support the restoration of declining whitebark and limber pine communities.  We effect change through projects both of our own initiative and in cooperation with other organizations, institutions, and governmental bodies. By donating to the WPEF-C, you are supporting educational campaigns, funding restoration projects, implementing partnerships, and advocating for whitebark and limber pine at local, regional, and national scales. View Partners & Projects for more information.

If you wish to donate to a specific project (for example, Five Needle Friendly Ski Area Certification, Nutcracker Notes, whitebark or limber pine restoration projects, etc.), we can direct your funds following your interests. We also appreciate non-directed donations, to meet needs as they arise. Our status as a non-profit organization, rather than a registered charity means we can provide you with a receipt, but not a tax deduction. Please donate below.

Thank you! We truly appreciate your support.


If you would prefer, please address a check made payable to the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada to:

606 Nelson Street
Kimberley, BC V1A 2M6

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