Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada (WPEF-C)

The WPEF-C is devoted to the conservation and stewardship of whitebark and limber pine ecosystems through partnerships, science-based active management, restoration, research, and education.



Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada
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Student Grant Program

About the Grant

Each year, the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation awards a $1000 grant to a graduate student to help with field and lab work on their research project. If you are a graduate student interested in high-elevation, five-needle pines and need a little extra cash to finish your project, please submit a proposal for possible funding by the WPEF. Proposals are due by the end of January.

Proposal Requirements

The Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundations annually offers a research grant of $1000 to an undergraduate who is writing an undergraduate thesis or graduate student (MSc or PhD) conducting research on whitebark pine.*

Relevant areas of research include, but are not limited to:

  • Threats to whitebark pine, including mountain pine beetle, white pine blister rust, successional replacement, and climate change (only in whitebark ecosystems)
  • Interactions with wildlife, such as Clark’s nutcracker or other birds, red squirrels and grizzly bears
  • Restoration strategies for whitebark pine, including both field operations and nursery seedling production
  • Ecosystem level impacts of whitebark pine die off
  • Social or policy aspects of whitebark pine decline and restoration, including wilderness issues

Grant recipients are encouraged to present their research findings at a subsequent WPEF annual science meeting and are expected to publish a research summary in our bi-annual journal Nutcracker Notes.

While the WPEF is concerned about all five-needled pines, we are focusing this grant just on whitebark pine.

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