Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada (WPEF-C)

The WPEF-C is devoted to the conservation and stewardship of whitebark and limber pine ecosystems through partnerships, science-based active management, restoration, research, and education.



Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada
606 Nelson Street
Kimberley, BC  V1A 2M6

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Agency & Institutional Partnerships

  • Whitebark & Limber Pine Seed Orchard Working Group: The Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada is facilitating this inter-agency working group, which oversees planning and establishing of seed orchards for both whitebark and limber pine. Contributors from Parks Canada, The Governments of BC & AB, The USDA, The Calgary Zoological Society, Industry, and experienced Consultants,  meet monthly to share historical facts, best practices, technical support and information to get this project in the ground.
  • Crown Managers Partnership — Five Needle Pine Working Group:  The Crown of the Continent High Five Working Group was formed in 2016 with a mission to protect and restore functional whitebark and limber pine ecosystems by fostering transboundary collaboration and coordination to transfer sound scientific knowledge, leverage funding opportunities, and optimize restoration and conservation efforts within the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem.
  • Connecting ecological processes to whitebark pine restoration, Lori Daniels and Carmen Wong, University of British Columbia. 2006 Research grant awarded from Yellowstone to Yukon Science Grants Program to the WPEF as the NGO research partner.

Funding Partnerships

The Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada is grateful for the generous support of our funding partners. Without their help, we wouldn’t be able to do the work that we do. Thank you!


Corporate & Organizational Partnerships

  • The Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada partners with industry and organizations to conduct research, plant trees, and provide educational resources to the public.


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  • Individuals and groups interested in whitebark and limber pine can get involved in many ways. Naturalists, students, native plant lovers and invasive species watchdogs, all can contribute. Many of our volunteers participate in restoration planting. Some have helped to establish &.or monitor health plots or collect cones; we appreciate all their help. Should you want to volunteer, let us know what you’re thinking, and we’ll see if we can set you up with a suitable event. Thank you for your interest!

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